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Regenerative resourcing and socio-ecological education

  • Regenerative Resourcing: This is a form of facilitation/coaching that focuses on drawing out the collective intelligence of the group, organisation or community that is driving a project. We use ‘living system frameworks’ as a way to help a team to organise their thinking and tap greater levels of potential. In regenerative resourcing there is always an underlying focus on capability development.     


  • Socio-ecological education: With our backgrounds in ecology, psychology, community development and creative process, we bring a unique mix of knowledge when it comes to supporting teams undertaking change projects. We work with those who aspire to work in ways that have positive impact on both human systems and ecosystems simultaneously.  

Example offerings: 

  • Workshop series eg. discovery, strategy and planning, stakeholder integration workshops

  • Ongoing coaching with a project team (‘a guide alongside’) 

  • Place research/storytelling (gathering the stories of place as a whole, to help inform a project team in their design and decision making, enabling development to be specific, unique and meaningful)  

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