Vertical Voice
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for apartment dwellers

The Aaiotanga Trust proudly promotes the Vertical Voice as one of the best (if not the best!) and most readable sources of local opportunities and items of interest for city centre residents. 

Sent out monthly by email, it is free and easy to receive. 

Written by a local for locals, Mik Smellie is our celebrated visionary, reseacher and author of the Vertical Voice. His care and dedication to building a sense of neighbourhood in the city centre has been expressed through years of service and under the auspices of a number of organisations.

Vertical Voice is funded with contributions from Waitematā Local Board, Department of Internal Affairs and Aaiotanga Trust

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  • Bees at altitude 

  • New Saturday morning fresh produce market @ Freyberg Place

  • Sing your heart out at St Matt's

  • Emily Place - tactical urbanism opportunity

  • Wooden cheese boards with Warren - its a neighbourhood woodworking workshop!

  • Have you discovered CCRG?

  • and the rest....

  • Local groups & activity

  • Music & Cheese Makers

  • Children & the neighbourhood

  • Innovating Streets & Coffee Froth

  • City Centre Residents Group - election meeting

  • "The Artist's Way" - a course to ignite your creativity

  • Aaiotanga Community Space

  • The African Snuff Box Tree 

  • Art, Public Space and more..

  • Matariki

  • Much ado about Pedestrians

  • Myers Park Caretakers Cottage

  • Markets

  • Much needed public space

  • Muck munching mussels

  • Much more...including things that don't endeavor to start with "m"

  • Urban Farming - yes here

  • Feedback on Freyberg (audio)

  • A compass, a lamp, a mural & the law

  • Alcohol Licencing

  • New Courses - Placemaking & Shiatsu

  • Goats of the Neighbourhood

  • and the rest...

  • Local walking tours in May

  • New Ukulele & Spanish classes

  • Opportunities to express your opinion on neighbourhood trials, proposals and changes

  • Scooters

  • Tom of Albert Park and other local Elephants

  • and the rest...

  • Balancing Budgets

  • Save Merge Cafe

  • "Bags of Beans" - Neighbours Day

  • Rooflines & Recycling

  • Argus House & the link to Passion Fruit

  • and more...

  • Pride!

  • Neighbourhood Schooling

  • Buildings that howl uncontrollably

  • The Year of the Ox

  • Understanding Queen St

  • Make your own trousers

  • and more...

  • Emily Place Workshop - this Wednesday

  • Greys Ave - an innovative build

  • Te Komititanga

  • Young families group

  • Festivals & Escalators